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Spoilers via DD… GOS

Casting Rumors:
It seems tptb are looking into bringing back JJ for a very short stint as Lucky.
They are also said to be in talks with Stuart Damon (I would LOVE to see Alan!).
KMc is rumored to be back in November and staying until February.
More back from the dead characters such as Courtney, Stefan, and Stavros (Does he EVER die?) rumored to be returning.
Is the new guy they hired a WSB agent or a Cassadine or BOTH?

Storyline rumors:
Lucas will get a job at a hospital, he is a doctor.
Ava has a baby girl that’s okay, until it is taken.
Robin tells Sam that Jason was alive and looking for her.
Franco humiliates Carly and shows the video to his guests.
Michael pulls a gun on his father!
Dante and Anna stop Michael from pulling the trigger and haul Sonny to jail.
Carly is left to deal with her sons.
Jason and Sam are reunited at Christmas time.
Nik and his inner Cassadine are reacquainted.
Faison helps his daughter cover her tracks.
Julian reveals a secret to Alexis and leaves PC vowing to return, just as Danny gets ill again.
Danny’s cancer is not back, it’s just a scare.

Spoilers via DD via Trixie … GOS


Faison is back wearing a green jumpsuit. He is not where Anna thinks he is. Is he Fluke? Who is he working with? What will he do to Sam?

Jakeson has more memory flashes

Danny and Jakeson connect and Jakeosn and Sam interact because of his connection to Danny. Sam/Jakeson don’t know who the other is.

Sam gives Faison a taste of his own medicine. Remember she knows he “killed” Jason

Sam has concerning news for Patrick

Sam learns Jason is alive. Doesn’t say how she finds out - it is not because she sees Jakeson

Liz doesn’t get romantically involved with Jake because she feels he has a family out there but they remain friends and Jakeson leans on her

Joss wants Spencer to get her out of going to the wedding. They also team up to break up Cam/Emma

Bobbie asks Carly if she is having any doubts. Franco/Scotty bond before the wedding.

Wedding reveal: Franco answer when asked if he takes Carly as his wife: Hell no. Cue the video of Sonny/Carly. Michael goes to confront Sonny to find he has a gun on Ava. Michael pulls a gun on Sonny. Meanwhile, Dante and Anna are learning who killed AJ. Dante rushes to Sonny’s, stops Michael, and arrests Ava and Sonny

Nina and Madeline plot to steal Ava’s baby

TG returns in a few weeks to tape

Spoilers via DD… GOS

* Carly and Sonny will continue deceiving Franco up until the wedding….
* Look for a Veteran to return towards the end of this year…..
* Ric returns but only Molly sees him first…Ric sends a letter to a loved one…..
* Anna is shocked to see someone from her past…..
* Maxie will get visitation with Georgie…..
* Jake’s Anger and Angry Outbursts are very concerning……
* Jake’s has a very negative reaction to Franco and Franco senses something familiar about Jake…..
* Larry Ashton returning, but what does he have to tell Tracy and Ned…..
* Frank and Ron are wanting to bring Lucky back, but need the right actor……
* Sabrina’s grief comes to a head, and Carlos will be helping her…..
* Rosalie has a big storyline coming up…..
* Julian does not want Sam with Jason but little does he know, Sam doesn’t listen to anyone when it comes to her husband…

Spoilers via DD … GOS

Nathan and Maxie, AKA Naxie is a fan favorite. Expect these two to finally be together after overcoming difficult obstacles.

Judge Walters has been abusing his power and acting out of sorts with it comes to how a judge should behave. Is there more to his story? Is he working for someone to deliberately keep Maxie away from Georgie? Or Maxie away from Nathan?

Cesar Faison will be back shortly and will share the screen with Sweet Sam. Sam will bring out her inner badass since she knows that Faison is the one who shot Jason and kicked him off the pier.

Helena wants something from Jason…

Sam learns Jason is alive but not by recognizing “Jake.”

Liz and Jason will get closer but Liason fans shouldn’t get too excited. Liz has a feeling that “Jake” has a family so she doesn’t let their closeness exceed a bond of friendship. Jason will lean on Liz while dealing with all the anger and mixed emotions he will be faced with.

Jason remembers Franco…

Sam and Jason will be seeing a lot of each other along with Danny. They both experience deja vu.

Jason will have a memory that could piece his life together. He remembers holing Sam’s baby girl, Lila. Jason tells his memory to someone while describing Sam also. The other person reacts in a certain way. Who does Jason tell? Patrick? Silas?

The final revelation of FLUKE will be one for the books! Audience be warned…. you will not see this coming!

Olivia’s visions return!

Franco and Carly’s wedding will be unforgettable.

Who is Nathan’s REAL Father?

Carly has Sam’s back when it comes to Jason.

Julian Jerome is tangled up and involved with many residents of Port Charles. Julian knows more about Jason being alive than anyone thinks. How will Sam feel towards her father when she finds out he has known her husband is actually alive?

Nikolas will find out Britt and Spencer’s scheme to get Britt and Nik closer. Nikolas is ready to write her off completely. Nikolas calls a family member for a listening ear. His brother?

Rosalie’s secret is HUGE!

Nina continues to threaten and blackmail her former nurse, Rosalie Martinez. Rosalie is hiding a secret and Nina has the dirt. What could Rosalie be hiding?

Franco and Sonny plot against one another. Franco wants revenge on Sonny for sleeping with his girlfriend, Carly. Sonny wants Franco to “disappear” so he can no longer be a threat to Sonny’s freedom. If Franco reveals what he knows about AJ’s murder, Sonny will go to jail.

Spoilers via DD… GOS

Sonny hasn’t sunk as low as he will just yet.
Get ready for the kiddie triangle to start up again….this time with a different couple together.
Fluke reveal is…….unique…is the only word to come to mind at the moment
After Ava’s pregancy….breathe for a month and then get ready for a whole new round of whose the daddy.

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